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Jocelyn Farrell, modern abstract expressionist, Colorado fine artist
"Picture Rock Sunset," 24 x 60 acrylic on canvas- SOLD

I experience pure excitement when a painting changes and grows into something unplanned and unexpected.


My own sense of style lies in the colors, layers, textures on the canvas surface giving the viewer an implied sense of nature that I am so attracted to.


Somewhere in the process, I see water, reflections, forests, oceans, rivers, canyon walls and sunsets.


There is something inside of me that feels connected to the landscapes around me now and from my white-water rafting adventures with my family in the deep canyons of Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.


I also draw motivation from the turquoise waters of the Florida Keys where I spent many summers as a child. 

As an artist, my whole goal is for the viewer to have the impulse to reach out, imagine touching the surface, and connecting to the places I create in my paintings.

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