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About Me

My acrylic and oil paintings on canvas explore a combination of modern abstract expressionism with a hint of realism. I love to layer full-bodied colors to create texture and a bold perspective of landscapes and the female image. Having always loved original paintings of landscapes, the human body and color; I create a strong statement of my experiences and the world around me. The majority of my paintings are created using palate knives and brushes without a preconceived idea of what will appear. 


The majority of my paintings are commissioned or sold privately. Other works, have been shown at The Corner Studios, Haven Home Goods, Spirit Hound Distillers, The Stone Cup, Lyons Fork and Amante Coffee in Boulder, Colorado.


My home and studio are in Lyons, Colorado.

Jocelyn Farrell, Colorado modern artist, oil and acrylic paintings
Jocelyn Farrell
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